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Not Everyone Can Highlight Their Abs

Your abdomen consists of many muscles. One of the most widely known is the rectus abdominis. From here the term abs as an abbreviation of abdominis popularized. Although known as a six-pack, the rectus abdominis consist of 8 parts arranged in two parallel lines. These sections are connected by a thick network system called linea alba. For some, there are only two or four muscles that stand out on the abdomen, or even eight. However, the most popular is the six parts. The rectus abdominis is responsible for keeping the posture and spine in order to remain upright. These muscles also play an important role in regulating breathing and keep the organs in the body intact and unified. This means everyone must have a six pack or rectus abdominis behind their abdomen. It’s just that in some people, these muscles look more prominent and formed. Visit to learn more about abs.

How to highlight your abs? To highlight abs, you need to train your rectus abdominis muscles with a challenging exercise routine. You can do a regular sit-up, crunch, plank, and pull-up exercises to increase your stomach muscles. The process of forming your rectus abdominis cannot be done instantly. It can take from 3 months to 20 months until your six pack of belly starts to appear on the stomach. Even after forming, you still have to keep train and keep it because if left, your six pack stomach can slowly disappear.

However, not everyone can have a six-pack stomach. Although various types of exercises have been developed to help those who want to build muscle rectus abdominis, it is not a guarantee you can definitely achieve the six pack form you want. As written Independent, Dr. Jamie Timmons from Loughborough University explains that everyone has different gene arrangements in response to physical exercise. This means there are genes that are highly responsive to physical exercise so that the results can be clearly visible, but some are less or unresponsive to physical exercise. This explains why anyone can reach the six packs quickly and some take very long or fail completely. According to Dr. Jamie Timmons, there are only one out of six people who have genes that are responsive to physical exercise. People with a weak response to physical exercise generally can only enjoy 5% of fitness improvement after exercise and physical exercise while those who respond well will experience up to 50% of the physical exercise result.