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Consider This When Purchasing Pool Pump

In choosing a swimming pool pump is recommended in accordance with the needs, it will affect the circulation system and can save costs. If we choose the pump is too small then the results can be from the filter system is less than the maximum and takes longer for circulation. However, if it is too large from the specified size, it can affect the damaged pipe installation and also the filter used, the costs incurred for the procurement of larger pumps and the necessary electricity will be greater. To get -, you can visit our website Best Pool Pump for Above Ground pool.

In choosing the pump you must adjust to the condition of the pump room. In this case, we should know the space provided for the pump, in order to install the pump with the maximum. If the three things above you already know, then the new option can be determined.

Assuming the size of the pool above then the cubic water pool is 60m³. You can choose 1 hp pump to get maximum result, with Flow Rete size 16 m³ / hour meaning that within one hour with pump one Hp can flow or circulate swimming pool water as much as 16 m³. For 60m kolam pool water cubics it will take a circulation time of approximately four hours. (60: 16 = 3.75).

But if within four hours you think is too long, you can add a larger pump size. For example with the size of 2 hp pump, with Flow Rete 30m³ / hour. With a two-hp pump within one hour can circulate water as much as 30m³, if 60m water cubic then the time required for one time your swimming pool water circulation about 2 hours. With a larger pump size then the time to circulate the pool water will be shorter.

In choosing a swimming pool pump is recommended to adjust to the needs of your pool. Before choosing the pump must know the specifications first so that it can precisely determine the choice as needed. Although in the making of the swimming pool you have entrusted the work to the experts there is no harm if you know the specifications of the pump that you will use.

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