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Do These Three Things As A Safeguard As You Will Leave Home In Old Time

The home must be a very important thing for you. Apart from being a place of rest, the house is also the best place to store all your valuables. For that, to leave the house is empty and in a long time is a very difficult thing to do. This is because you can not leave home without a good security system. However, if in your home there are criminal acts such as theft and others, then you can visit to get a good cleaning and perfect. Because if there is a remnant of the action, it will make you a trauma, right?

An empty house can indeed be a very appropriate target for the thieves to perform the action. However, there are several ways you can do it as a precaution. Some of the ways in question are

1. Lock all doors and windows
before leaving the house make sure all doors and windows are locked. If you need to install double security on the part that often becomes the target of criminals such as cabinets, bedroom, and back door. Do not leave important keys like motorcycle keys, cars and cabinets at home. In addition, avoid the habit of putting a spare key under a pot, under a doormat, carpet or anywhere else that is easily accessible by criminals.

2. Avoid things that can show the house is empty
For example, if you first subscribe to a newspaper or magazine, ask not to be sent as long as you are not at home. Try to at least the front of the house is always in a clean state, could be by asking the help of relatives or neighbors to occasionally clean up so as not to impress uninhabited.

3. Keep your valuables in the safest place
Keep valuables such as important papers, money, and jewelry in the safest place. If you need more security, can take advantage of the care services provided by the Bank and the closest Pegadaian to be more secure and you can be calmer while traveling.

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