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Who Needs a Child Dental Consultation and Expected Results

From childhood to adolescence, teeth will undergo many changes. All milk teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth. During the growth period, the tooth will be susceptible to various disorders, ranging from dental caries, incompletely growing teeth or irregular teeth. Teeth can also grow into angles or erroneous directions. Hollander Dental Associates – Carlsbad CA have been trained to deal with all these disorders.

Most dentist specialists choose to deal only with pediatric patients, including those with special needs, such as those with autism, developmental and concentration disorders, or diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, or blood disorders. Dentists provide a variety of services, but the most common are dental cleansing, dental sealant installation, fluoride treatment, and the installation of dental crowns for children whose permanent teeth are damaged. Today, there are many dental clinics that use modern equipment to speed up the action and reduce child anxiety. Examples of modern tools used are laser machines for polishing teeth and computer-aided equipment that can design and create a dental crown.