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Understanding and Early History PDF

For the general public, the existence of files with PDF extension may not be foreign even many who know the software with PDF reader function like Adobe Reader. But it seems very few people who understand the meaning or purpose of making this file, given the existing data processing for Microsoft Office. In this article we will discuss more in-depth about Portable Document Format or in general terms are usually abbreviated to PDF. If you ask how to convert a document to pdf? You can visit our webstite.

The use of PDF is usually identical in the work world that leads to data processing. The data already created in Microsoft Office (can be word, excel and others) is usually stored in the original extension or in other extensions, one of them is PDF. The number of people who choose to use this format is because it is very practical and does not take long to open it. Although the consequences that arise is when the file is in PDF then cannot be changed again the data, except using special software.

Generally, PDF or Portable Document Format is a file format created by Adobe System Inc. As one of the largest software companies today, of course, reflects all the results of its products that have important functions for the community, call it one of Adobe Photoshop as the best image editor software at this time. Although initially less popular now the use of files with PDF extension almost always there. Even the software to read it is not just Adobe Reader. Initially, Adobe System as the initiator of the PDF file only makes Acrobat Reader software (now called Adobe Reader) commercially, so it can not be directly downloaded alias paid. At that time the use of PDF files is still very low, precisely in 1993. The lack of popular PDF format in early versions at that time due to several factors, among others, less integrated with the world wide web (WWW), large file size also inhibits when downloaded at the speed of the internet at the time, as well as less compete PDF with some examples of formats such as .ps (postscript).