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Tips to Avoid Blur Photo

Often times when hunting we get a good moment and even arguably golden moment where the moment is hard and rarely can be obtained. With high confidence, we point our camera and we snap-snap with the camera. Then we see the results on the camera LCD and everything looks good. But, keep in mind that the LCD in the digital camera that does not give the actual results. Often after we zoom in 100% or we open on the computer looks so blurry photos or shake. You can buy Canon flash to help to light your photos.

Believe it or not, the easiest and cheapest way to avoid photos blur or shake is to improve the position of our hands and body when shooting when not using a tool like a tripod. Hold the camera firmly but still comfortably on the fingers and palms of your hands and wrists. Then get used to sticking the elbow to the body. This will make the position of the arm as if to be a tripod with the rest of our bodies. In this way, the camera “will not hang”. Last but not least, the position of the body should not be too bent forward, in fact, there are some photographers who tend to pull the torso (waist up) somewhat to the back so that the center of gravity of the body more awake and stable. Some photographers have their own way and style to handle the camera, find your own style and way but make sure the camera is in a stable and comfortable position.