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SEO and PPC for the online Law Firms


Content and SEO marketing are related to each other. Google’s search engine, as you know, periodically “walks” into the internet (this process is commonly known as crawling) to search the content (web pages, articles, etc.) and index them according to the keyword database.


SEO expert for lawyers is the process of making your content found by Google and its expectations appear on the front page when potential clients look for services or information related to you.

For example, if your law firm handles divorce in South area of your city, then you want your website or content to appear when prospective clients look for “divorce lawyers in South (your city here)”.

SEO activity is an ongoing process. The processes consist of:

Publicize content or blogging.

On-Site Optimization – make arrangements on your website and content so that Google can find your content.

Link-building – generate links from other websites so they refer you to Google.

The key you need to understand is knowing that SEO is a long-term game.

From you starting SEO, it will take 6-12 months before it results in an increase in the number of visitors and prospects. When your SEO is successful, the results will last a long time and you will not have to pay per click to Google like AdWords (which we’ll cover next).

Before your competitors seize a place on the front page of Google, you should start executing SEO as soon as possible. You can outsource to an SEO practitioner or agency.

In addition, PPC Advertising or abbreviated PPC is usually done through the media search engine (which is often used is Google). But PPC here is not just about AdWords but also Facebook Ads.

If you do a search on Google and see some pinned results of the word “ad” then the results you see are forms of advertising on Google.

While if you are browsing on Facebook and find some content embedded in the word “sponsored”, it also includes the form of advertising but on Facebook.

Advertisers, like law firms, to appear and promote on Google and Facebook have to pay a sum of money for each click on Google and Facebook users.

Law firm You can create ads on Google and Facebook to start advertising according to your law firm’s area and area.