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Important things to know when you recharge your car battery

There is a way to recharge the car battery in another way is through the chemical was shown to reduce or remove the sediment on the battery cells, is to enter a special chemical once every month. However, the actual battery is not created to be renewed through this chemical way. Meanwhile, when it comes down to car batteries, wea recommend you to see best portable car battery charger for 12v AGM battery on the market.

To re-insert the battery we need is a battery charger with a power that is slightly larger than the battery voltage. For the battery that has a voltage of 12 volts, then the charging voltage is 14 volts. Based on the specifications, the 12-volt battery will be fully charged if the voltage reaches 14.4 volts.

Some batteries can be recharged up to 15 volts without damaging the battery. Therefore, as a general target, the battery voltage of 14 volts is the charging voltage of the battery and if the battery is full then the voltage becomes similar to the voltage of the charger is 14 volts.

When the battery will be recharged, the battery will release gas and water vapor. So, before the battery is recharged, it is better to clean the top of the battery first by using a wet cloth so that the dirt cannot enter the liquid battery, then loosen the cell caps on the battery. it is intended that the gas will be easier to get out and so that there is no explosion on the battery.Sebetulnya battery cell cap is ventilated, but there is the possibility of ventilation is clogged or can not emit visible gas. Add pure water if the battery water is not enough from the maximum level.

The battery charger can be an adapter that changes the alternating electrical current or AC through the network at home into direct current and DC. Adapters of this type are so widely available in the market. Choose which has 13.8-volt power, which is generally used by amateur radio and is usually regarded as a power supply for radio communications.