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Things a Marketer Should Know About Facebook Live

Lately, social world media more and more new features are upgraded to maximize communication. One of the social media Facebook. This social media giant released Facebook Mentions application in July 2014 and initially only be used by certain people, such as celebrities and famous people whose Facebook profile there is a blue checkmark. The purpose of Facebook Mentions is to make the celebrities easier and practical when communicating with their fans. So this communication application is 2 way. Inside Facebook Mentions, there is a very interesting feature to try is Facebook Live. It lets you connect with friends, fans, and followers by sharing real-time videos of what you see and do. Visit our website to buy facebook live views.

Facebook has upgraded Live over the last few months. This feature was released in August 2015 for community leaders who have been verified through iOS Mention. Beginning December, Live is already available to certain people on their personal profile and then all the verified Facebook pages a few months later. Facebook initially introduced Live only to an elite group of users for 2 main reasons:

– To control bandwidth requirements
– Expect to get higher video stream standards thereby reducing “noise” in news feeds.

Facebook controls the range of Live broadcasts through news feed ranking algorithms, just like all organic posts. If in January the Live feature is only accessible for iPhone users, it is now available for Android users as well. But apparently, there are still users whose Facebook account has not been verified and have not been able to access this Live feature.

For those of you who have not been able to access this feature, do not be discouraged. You can start making plans for your Live Facebook strategy or use some of these tactics on other live-streaming services. Regardless of whether you already have or are just planning to use live streaming, you can still upload videos regularly on Facebook.

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